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My name is Martin Andrew and I’m here to help you take your business to the next level. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or leader and your business isn’t going in the direction you want, then I can help you. Using a set of simple set of real-world practical, tools, disciplines and concepts, I will help you and your team grow and achieve its full potential.

Provider of industry-leading models:

martin andrew eos worldwide


Why does your business need ME?

If you wrestle with some of these most common frustrations:

  • People issues
  • Lack of control
  • Not enough profit
  • Lack of growth
  • Nothing is working across the business anymore
entrepreneurial operating system implementiation


Improving businesses with real-world practical tools and disciplines

I can help you look at your business through a different lens and help you embed a simple but practical solution for your unique business. The systems I am fully professionally qualified and certified to teach are:

  • EOS Entrepreneurial Operating System™
  • Kolbe®
  • The Five Behaviors®

Using a proven system of implementation, I will teach you how to master them, facilitate the discussion and debate with you and your team and coach you through the journey.

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I can help you take your business to the next level by providing three industry-leading systems.

martin andrew entrepreneurial operating system

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) helps businesses get better at three things: vision, traction and healthy.

martin andrew kolbe consultant

The Kolbe System™ looks at people’s natural mode of operating, to help you and your team reach their full potential.

martin andrew five behaviours consultant

The Five Behaviors® is all about generating healthy, highly functioning teams, who can achieve anything together.


So what’s my story?

My working life began with family run businesses and entrepreneurs which inspired me to start my own business with a business partner. I then moved in a different direction and spent the next 20 years in leadership roles of large, global, corporate organisations.

In 2010 I went back to my entrepreneurial roots working with SMEs and family run businesses and it was while working in one of these companies that I discovered EOS, Kolbe and Five Behaviors. Implementing these tools and disciplines into the business I was leading inspired me to set up my own business teaching other organisations to implement these systems.

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What my clients say

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with and help so many great businesses and I am truly humbled by their positive feedback and recognition of the value I add.

I pride myself on serving them, listening and adapting to their needs and making sure they get what they want from the work I do with them. It’s their journey, not mine.

This passion is what motivates, inspires and drives me to be the best I can be for them.

We implemented the EOS® system into our business and it’s one of the best things we ever did.  Our revenue more than doubled in less than 2 years and we secured funding from a leading private investment office as a result.  Martin’s passion, enthusiasm and expertise led us through this journey and I would urge any entrepreneur or business owner seeking to scale up and grow their business to engage him.

Mathew Hassel
CEO, Coachhire.com

Mark and I had committed to EOS® as the platform for our business but we were finding it difficult to implement it properly by ourselves. Working with Martin has been a revelation. We have been able to implement EOS® better and faster with his help and he has been instrumental in helping us build a committed and  focused management team for the business.

Phil Jepson
Chairman/Co-Founder, Jepson Holt

I urge any owner that is frustrated and seeking to get a grip of their business to engage Martin and start the journey to implement EOS® today. His open and honest approach will make the transition smooth.  As a private investment office I consider a business running on EOS® a much more attractive proposition as I know it will be exceptionally disciplined and focused with a strong leadership team at the helm.

Marco Schiavo
Nickleby Capital

A year from now, you may wish you had started today!


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