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The Kolbe System

The Kolbe System was created over 40 years ago by an amazing lady called Kathy Kolbe when she concluded there are ultimately three parts of the mind – the conative, the cognitive and the effective. There had been lots of work done to understand the cognitive (intelligence) and effective (emotions) parts of the mind, but not the conative (instincts).

Kathy Kolby designed the Kolbe theories and has brought them to life over the last 40 years. With Kolbe, once you understand your own natural mode of operating, you know how to get the best from yourself, and better understand how you instinctively do things.  From a business perspective, your team will be much more effective, if they are not working against their instinctive strengths.

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How it works

Kolbe is the only profiling system that focusses on the conative part of the mind. Once your Kolbe profile is established, which normally happens in childhood, it will never change, unlike other profiling systems. There are four natural operating modes that make up your Kolbe:

Fact Finder

How we gather and share information

Follow Thru

How we go about getting things done

Quick Start

How we deal with risk and uncertainty


How we handle space and tangibles

Who it benefits

Anyone! It’s true. We all have our own natural operating mode and if we can understand it and learn how to use it then everyone benefits.

That said businesses are using it to help get the best from individuals and teams.  It is also a great recruitment tool – if you hire people who instinctively have the right fit for the type of work you are hiring them to do, they will more likely be successful. The Kolbe System also helps your team to understand each other, so they can work more cohesively together.

The process

The Kolbe System™ offers a flexible approach, so it can be moulded to suit the needs of each organisation. Develop a healthy team at leadership level or across your entire organisation. Speak to me to find out more about how The Kolbe System™ can benefit you and your entire business.

A year from now, you may wish you had started today!

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